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  • Commdex IT Services

    Application Development

    Commdex and its partners have many years of combined experience in developing new applications to meet your... More Details

  • Commdex IT Services

    Application Management

    Most enterprises spend a significant portion of their IT budgets maintaining legacy applications. More Details

  • Commdex IT Services

    Mobile Application Development

    The Mobile application development industry is growing exponentially and is most likely going to get bigger than... More Details

  • Microsoft .Net
  • SharePoint
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
At Commdex, we have the passion to deliver business, IT solutions and IT Services targeted at boosting business productivity, increasing ROI and improving customer satisfaction in a rapidly changing business environment. Our innovative solutions, best breed of technology and quality professionals who understand your business will provide optimized IT solutions that will lead you to a winning combination in the face of competition.