TL 9000

In 1998, QuEST Forum developed the TL 9000 quality management system (QMS) to meet the supply chain quality requirements of the worldwide communications industry. Built on ISO 9001 and the eight quality principles, TL 9000 is a set of quality management standards designed specifically for the communications industry. TL 9000 was developed to define the unique communications quality system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, and service. Customers of TL 9000 certified organizations are ensured high quality and performance as quality management systems are constantly monitored and audited regularly.

Commdex’ corporate headquarters located in Norcross, Georgia, currently holds a TL 9000 certification for its quality management system.

TL 9000 is the telecommunications industry’s highest honor, and demonstrates an organization’s unwavering commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and best-in-class performance for its customers. TL 9000 certification is valid for three years, with an audit required yearly to ensure that organizations are following and maintaining the requirements of their quality management system.

Visit the TL 9000 website for more information about the TL 9000 quality management system.