Network Solutions

As communications applications evolve, the deployment of broadband wireless networks is continuing to accelerate. Driven by an industry-wide shift to IP based packet networks, widespread adoption of web-based applications, and the proliferation of digital media, a sharp demand has emerged for solutions that can support broadband technologies. Traditional communications systems are simply not capable of delivering the bandwidth required by next-generation applications for critical communications.

Ultimately, it is a question of which broadband technologies to deploy and when. As technologies evolve, through our research, experience and close collaboration with leading communications manufacturers, Commdex is uniquely positioned to help you build the broadband wireless network that is right for you.

At Commdex, we help our customers navigate the maze of technologies and products, to bring network solutions for voice, video and data communications that provide reliable service with an innovative, flexible and scalable design that is capable of meeting their current and future needs.  Our commitment to putting our customer first translates to a better understanding of our customers’ requirements by staying with them every step of the project - from concept to completion.

Wireless Backhaul Network

Data voice or video backhaul using Microwave Point to Point, Point to Multipoint Networks.  Path profiles, frequency coordination, product selection, and network design.

Data Networking

Ensuring flexibility and quality of service while enabling common infrastructure to contain cost.  IP/MPLS for backbone support of high impact services (LMR, Critical Data, Video).  Ethernet to extend access and provide a common link.

Optical Backbone

Providing SONET, TDM, WDM and other optical technologies in support of large bandwidth applications or access to locations with restricted fiber counts.

Broadband Wireless Networks

Mobile Broadband Mesh Networks, WLAN ,802.11x Hot Spots, 4G/LTE wireless, Wireless Broadband Internet Networks.

Network Convergence 

Integration of all applications from multiple agencies/divisions. Total network analysis, application review, future design integration and thoughtful convergence to reduce unwanted waste and enable seamless interoperability.