Land Mobile Radio Solutions

Our LMR Engineering services supplies our customers with the necessary engineering expertise and state-of-the-art management tools to successfully implement LMR solutions. We will assist you with the development of your technology migration paths, including legacy to P25 system conversions. In addition, our engineers will create a deployment plan that facilitates the most strategic project decisions.

COMMDEX Wireless Engineering will support you with a complete suite of services including:

  • Design for your optimal LMR solution
  • Deployment of the designed systems
  • System testing
  • Integration of the wireless solution with existing systems

  • Legacy and P25 LMR systems
  • Point to point microwave infrastructure for LMR and enhanced applications
  • Integrated LMR voice and data systems
  • In-building wireless networks to provide enhanced LMR system coverage in large buildings
  • Emergency services data systems

System Design

  • Customer needs analysis
  • Technology and product selection
  • RF coverage modeling and analysis
  • Antenna system design and mapping
  • Design of LMR fixed network equipment (FNE), security protocols
  • P25 subscriber selection
  • System capacity and grade of service analysis
  • Bandwidth and link budget analysis
  • Inter-modulation analysis, frequency planning
  • Co-channel and adjacent channel interference analysis
System Deployment

  • Pre-deployment site surveys and site selection
  • Cutover planning and support
  • System fleetmapping and subscriber template definitions
  • Subscriber radio codeplug programming
  • System installation management
  • Fleet tracking and management systems
System Testing

  • Acceptance testing plans and execution
  • Coverage acceptance testing
  • RF product evaluation and testing
Rebanding Services

  • Inventory of existing equipment
  • Suitability assessment
  • Cutover, transition and fallback planning
  • Evaluation of interoperable communications needs
  • System baselining
  • Management system modifications