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Current Opportunities

Business Objects Developer - SAP.BusinessObjects

Job description

General duty involving Business Objects – Expert data architect responsible for the design, development, and enhancement of tables in the MIDB data warehouse. This requires a thorough understanding of the data models of the originating production systems’ tables and the relationships of those tables. Provide expert advice and serve as technical and data resource for customer created business solutions.


Required skills
  • Must have at least two years of professional experience in the development, enhancement and maintenance of automated information processing systems using Business Objects.
  • Extensive customer interface experience as also required in this position.
  • Must have knowledge of Client/Server systems, relationship databases, database access tools, government purchasing, financial accounting systems and PC systems.
  • The specialist must have the ability to write SQL code, be familiar with tools for application development, be able to resolve problems, and communicate effectively with others.

Lansing, MI

Position Description
  • Responsible for the design, development, enhancement, and maintenance of tables in the MIDB data warehouse.
  • Identify the need for new or upgraded Business Objects components to fulfill with business requirements, and interpret into technical solutions including obtaining requirements, technical design, testing, implementation, and conversion of Business Objects reports, queries, universes, and security. Provide creative solutions to customer information needs.
  • Develop Universes (a semantic layer or user interface between the database and the end user) in Business Objects that relate to all data from multiple agency databases and platforms.
  • Subject matter expert responsible for providing the escalated second-level support for the client's help desk and DTMB's shared solutions to assist customers with query and report writing issues and Business Objects related issues.

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    Motorola, Global Procurement,
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    Senior Director,
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