Interoperability Planning

In a crisis, interoperable communications can make the difference between an effective response and a catastrophe.  Local, state, and federal agencies need to be able to come together and effectively coordinate efforts to respond to the needs of citizens.  And despite years of increased attention to proper interoperability planning, many agencies still have inadequate plans or technology to achieve their goals.

Commdex’s experienced engineering staff can help you develop a comprehensive interoperability solution that addresses the unique requirements of your organization.  Our staff manages all aspects of the process from assessing current technology and user requirements, to implementing new systems and revising standard operating procedures.

Many times, it becomes easy to believe that a single technology or piece of equipment can solve all your communications needs.  While technology is a critical piece, it is only half of the equation.  Development of proper procedures and governance is just as critical to the success of the overall plan.  We have extensive, real world experience in developing practical inter-agency communications plans, as well as proven expertise in the selection and deployment of appropriate technologies that enable these plans.

Every agency’s communications needs are unique, and your plans and technology need to reflect those needs.  From RF coverage and technology standards to best practices and system management, Commdex can help deliver a successful interoperability plan that is a customized and comprehensive solution for every agency.