LTE Network Services

Mobile broadband is today’s growth engine for the telecom industry. Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is the fourth generation (4G) of radio technologies designed to increase the capacity and speed of cellular networks.  LTE networks allow you to deliver robust wireless broadband services quickly and efficiently to your customers everywhere. 


Building a new LTE network or upgrading existing wireless networks requires deep insight into all facets of network planning, design, deployment and optimization.   The speed required to deploy these networks is extremely important and this process must be done with quality as the first priority.  Commdex has over a decade of experience on hundreds of wireless networks in more than 40 states across the United States.  This experience gives us the ability to confidently and quickly implement your 4G/LTE network. 


We have a wide range of expertise in all aspects of network services to help take your network from concept to completion, on-time. We take pride in our 100% customer satisfaction track record and will work with you to meet your needs and the needs of your network. A snapshot of our services includes:


·         Site Acquisition

o   Search Ring Analysis

o   Zoning Analysis

o   Structural Analysis

o   Lease Amendment Negotiation

o   Site Surveys

·         RF Engineering

o   Technology Assessment

o   Link Budget Calculations

o   Propagation Modeling

o   Antenna Placement

o   Frequency Planning

o   Intermodulation Studies

o   Traffic analysis

o   Grid Planning

·         Switch Engineering

o   Design and planning of switch network

o   Switch plant engineering (power, AC, etc.)

o   SS7 Signaling network design and planning

o   Field and NOC Service Assurance

·         Implementation Services

o   Turnkey Site Installations

o   System Turn Up, Test, and Commissioning

o   Optimization Drive Testing

o   Acceptance Testing

o   Network Troubleshooting

·         Network Engineering

o   Network Dimensioning

o   Network Architecture Design

o   Network & System Design

o   Bandwidth Analysis

o   Point to Point Wired and Wireless Backhaul Design (Fiber/Microwave)

·         Provisioning and Fulfillment

o   Technicians Certified for T-1, DS-3, SONET and Ethernet

o   Circuit Plan Documentation per site

o   Circuit Testing


Commdex is also available to consult on any of these topics in order to help you deploy the highest quality 4G network.