Critical Communications

Instant and vital information that’s always available is at the heart of any critical communications network. Whether you are building a new communications system, migrating to new technology, or expanding your existing network, you need a partner with a proven track record of successfully integrating diverse applications. When seconds count and the stakes are high, Commdex delivers custom solutions that are designed to meet your needs, and skillfully implemented to exceed your expectations.




· Land Mobile Radio

· APCO Project 25

· Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

· Command and Control

· Wireless LAN

· Mobile Applications

· Needs Analysis

· Technology & Product Selection

· Capacity Planning

· Interference and Intermodulation Analysis

· System and Coverage design

· Site Surveys

· Interoperability Planning

· Network Installation

· System Configuration

· Subscriber programming

· Coverage and acceptance Test

A critical communications system is a major investment. You need a reliable communications system that works every time, and is interoperable with current and future systems. By relying on the depth and breadth of our capabilities you can be confident that your communications system will be working at its peak performance when you need it the most.

A comprehensive approach to system design
A correctly designed critical communications network improves efficiency, increases capability, and adds enormous value to the end users. Every Commdex design begins by listening intently to your needs to gain an understanding, then translating that knowledge into a cost-effective design that is customized to meet your requirements.

Our professionals facilitate creative and practical design solutions and ensure that all project recommendations meet your business objectives, are economically feasible, and meet all engineering criteria. We evaluate our extensive portfolio of communications technologies, devices, and applications to build an optimum solution that is cost effective and forward thinking to accommodate today's needs as well as future growth. You can be confident your network will utilize the right blend of technology tailored to your needs.

Successful Deployment
Our projects are staffed with a dedicated project team to ensure that there is an undiluted focus on efficient, timely and cost effective system implementation. Commdex professionals provide the overall technical management of the project to ensure that all sub-contractors and partner companies operate with your goals in mind. We promote interaction among the project team to ensure seamless communication, provide optimized solutions and implement the solutions efficiently.

Effective deployment of any communications system requires skillful execution to meet time and budget goals, while minimizing disruption to your existing operations. Commdex has successfully implemented hundreds of communications systems nationwide. Our experience, industry expertise, and a proven track record are your assurance of a flawless implementation.